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For health and other considerations I have retired from showing and breeding! NO more puppies available. My best breeder referral for and HONEST and QUALITY breeder would be Alan R. Rowley, M.D. at Arrow Papillons!

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AKC Champion bred Papillons!

"Papillon" is French for "Butterfly"

These wonderful, animated little dogs stole a big piece of my heart many years ago! Having been in purebred and sporting dogs for over 35 years, this breed far and away will be the breed we work with forever, as we have for the last 18 years. We will continually improve our Papillons using only Champions and Champion bred Papillons for breedings and the use of top bloodlines. In this way we are always striving to improve the breed. We health check and only the best temperaments are used for the best in each new generation. 

Our Papillons are members of our family! They are not "kennel dogs". They all have large outdoor, fenced exercise yards with grass and trees along with living in our home! Our puppies are born in our bedroom, under a close supervision,  and then moved into our kitchen and living areas, when ready, for well socialized and well rounded temperaments and superior health. 

We breed strictly to the AKC and Papillon Club of America (Member) standards. Our puppies, whether pet or show, will have exceptional temperaments, type, and  genetic soundness. Expect true heads and large fringed ears, 5-7lbs. true size and movement! We actively show and handle our dogs! 

We are very willing to talk to new people and help newcomers to the World of Papillons and showing dogs or new pet ownership! We will also honestly tell you about the good and the not so good about this breed or even your chosen puppy. This will insure you are ready for your new Papillon and the responsibility needed to for lifelong commitment! Feel free to contact us anytime. 

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COMPLETE KIT for tube feeding those weak or tiny babies!

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Outstanding show prospects due in upcoming litters! 

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Foxfire Papillons

Cindy and Kevin Harken

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