Foxfire Papillons

Foxfire Papillons Puppies in their new homes!

Send us your pictures, we would love to post them! If I don't have their names, contact us and we will add them!

"Still under construction!"

Show Gallery Coming Soon!

Now Living in Boise! Nicki X Boomer!

Now living in Wyoming!

Angel X EZ

2 Wonderful Kids, Living and Loved in Canada!

Male left, Nicki X Boomer!

Female right Odie X EZ!

A Jewels Boy!

Lisette X EZ! Now living and be shown in Montana!

"Diva" and "Tessa" (See Diva and Tessa's Web Site!)

See  Champion Agility Border Collie Diva and Tessa in training now!


Another Nicki Boy, "Fyvie" living in Colorado!

Here is "Fyvie" growing up!










Foxfire Papillons

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