We are proud to present very rare varieties of chickens and gamebirds! All of our stock is purebred and from top breeders and always bred to the breed standards, we sell and ship eggs and chicks! NPIP AI Clear State of Idaho!

Malaysian Seramas

Highly prized and sought after tiny treasures!

Worlds Smallest Chicken! Excellent foragers, winter hardy with good shelter and calm disposition. Hens can go broody pretty easily and are EXCELLENT mothers!! I call them "soldiers" for that proud upright stance and movement, even evident in chicks.

ALL my breeding stock is A and B class. I still do produce C class from time to time, but that happens in all lines. Originating from Malaysia, they are a relatively new breed, originating in the last 50 to 60 years.

ALL my pictures are taken of my birds free roaming in my yard, NOT posed! Weight classes for judging:

-Class A, up to 13 ounces
-Class B, up to 16 ounces
-Class C, up to 19 ounces

-Class A, up to 12 ounces
-Class B, up to 15 ounces
-Class C, up to 17 ounces

Seramas do not breed true as of yet, A, B and C birds can produce all sizes. They now come in 3 feather varieties. The most common being "Straight" as above, and "Frizzle" (below) and "Silkie" (right)

I breed all 3 types but they are not separated yet!

Your eggs and chicks will be of all 3 types but mostly Straight variety

Silkie Hen

Frizzle Rooster

Above is a group in my yard, straights and a frizzle hen to the right!

 Just a day in the yard!

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Ayam Cemani

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