2018 Hatching Eggs Prices/Order

ALL Pictures below are of Our OWN Birds!

If you order multiple breeds/quantities I will refund the shipping overcharge, still working on the coding! Standard Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping is 15 to 22.00 for up to 36 eggs, calulated by weight and zone after that. You will get a tracking number and approximate date I will ship when I process your payment. I will email the day before I ship. The girls are still warming up so there is some delays.

Multiple species can delay shipment as I juggle the breeds and laying to get you a combined order of fresh eggs. I ship fresh fertile eggs however there is no guarantee once they leave the farm. I ONLY gurantee unbroken eggs. I always include and extra eggs just in case and as a thank you! NO guarantee of any kind if they show left out in the tracking delivery (left on porch, left at door, ect.) as eggs cannot be left in the weather, heat, cold, ect! "Call for Pick Up" is gladly put on the package is requested. Buyer pays exact shipping for any free replacements if the worst happens!

If you do not want to assume the risk of hatching eggs, contact me for started chicks, delivered live arrival guaranteed! You may get a 100% hatch you may get no hatch as shipping can be hard on eggs. I as a rule I order twice as many eggs as I want chicks to be safe. Happy Hatching!

ALL Prices INCLUDE USPS Priority Shipping on All Egg Orders! EMail Us us when purchasing!

We do sell small orders of started chicks in all breeds we raise! Special orders Welcome! Shipping is 50 to 65.00 per Box, minimum 10 chicks! Mix and Match is fine!

HATCHING and Available on the farm! 2018! Seramas, Ayam Cemani, LF Silver Laced Orpingtons, Pavlovskaya, Golden Spitzhauben, Deathlayers and many others! Live Arrival Guaranteed! Contact Us for what might not be listed!

Under construction! Expanded breed pages coming soon!

Deathlayers! Inquire for Availability!

Indonesian Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs

Young Import Roo and Hens! Coming out of molt, comb damage from North Idaho winters
More info on the Breed Page Coming Soon!
Much controversy on this breed. Originating from Indonesia, they should be black, everywhere! Feather, meat, bone, skin! They are fibromelanistic. My birds are totally black, I do have some mulberry combs on the Greenfire line, and some light mouths, black skin and meat! I have imported birds in a separate line that have nicer pigment, but still throw a very few birchen/red hackled birds from their birchen origins. Maintaining a dark mouth and clean ink black combs is nearly impossible though I have many breeders that are! I do not guarantee your degree of pigment, no breeder can! I will guarantee solid black skin and meat though! Prolific layer of medium tan to white eggs! Can go broody! Absolutey GORGEOUS metalic black feather, irridescent greens, purples and blues in the sun! No other black chicken in the world can compare to the beauty in this BLACK! 2 week old Chicks 15 to 40.00!

Barbezieux Hatching Eggs
I have 100% Greenfire stock! Originating in France, it is the tallest native chicken in Europe! Roos can be 24" to 26" tall. I am a chicken person and farm girl from childhood and even I was AMAZED at how tall these guy sare! They are also highly prized as one of the best tasting chickens in the world! Good layer putting lots of large tan to white eggs on the table. They have a very regal attitude but can be a bit flighty, so a nice bird if you want them to watch for predators but are definitely to big to hide! Not broody. 2 Week old Chicks 10.00
Crested Cream Lebar Hatching Eggs
Taking orders February 5th, 2017
I have 100% PURE Greenfire stock! All wonderfully crested! I am currently running the Jill Rees line with the 2013 and 2014 lines as I like the original line egg color better. My second favorite bird on the farm! (Can't steal me away from my Seramas) Prolific layer of beautiful large "Robins Egg" blue eggs! Some eggs can be green also. Not real Broody, but I have had hens hide a nest or two and march in with babies! 2 week old Pullet Chicks 15.00, roos free!
Blue Cuckoo Lebar Hatching Eggs
If you like BLUE this bird is for you! Stunning cuckoo blue with definite Legbar origins. Eggs are much bluer than green in the pic but they do lay the occassional deep olive eggs! Becoming one of my favorites! Sports a stylish crest! Relatively new breed from Brinkhaven Acres. They lay lots of large blue eggs as in Legbar pic above to deep OLIVE colored eggs! Not real broody so far. 2 Week old SR Chicks 20.00
Icelandic Hatching Eggs
This is a neat medium sized bird..OUTSTANDING forager, real busy bodies. Excellent in predator areas as they are very observant! Lays tons of medium white to pale tan eggs! Will go broody and great at hiding nests. Very hardy and sturdy little farm fowl! Mine are all crested in shades of blue to copper! 2 week old started Chicks 10.00
Mixed Colors Marans Hatching Eggs
  I have all my Marans together for the winter right now! Majority of the eggs will be Greenfire French Black new import line, but there are beautiful White, Birchen, Blue and Cuckoo in the pen! Eggs below on a rack with orpingtons, Barbezieux eggs. ST Run 2 week old Chicks, 10.00
BLUE  Marans Hatching Eggs
  100% Greenfire Blue Birchen Roos over Blue/Blue Copper/Silver and Blue Birchen hens! You will hatch Blue, Splash and Black chicks, just how the gene works!
Millie Fleur d'Uccle Bantams NOT AVAILABLE! EMail Us! For a quote!
Self Blue D'Uccles NOT AVAILABLE! EMail Us! For a quote!
Serama Hatching Eggs
TINY Birds! Straight feather/Frilled/Silkie are all produced from my flock! Gorgeous, stately little birds the farm favorite! I have no breeders over 15 ounces at a year old! I have worked with these for over 20 years and just love the gentle dispositions. Hens often go broody, excellent mothers! Males even crowded are not very aggressive with each other. Very proud upright posture I call "soldiers" even evident in day old chicks! Good forager but can easily be injured by larger breeds. Need good winter protection. 3 to 4 week old SR Chicks, 10.00, Frilled 15.00!

Neiderrheiner Eggs (Spring 2018) EMail Us! For a quote!
  Available! EMail Us! For a quote!
Olive Egger Hatching Eggs
No Longer Available!  
Mixed Colors Pavlovskaya Hatching Eggs
Gold and Black Pavlovskaya chicks now available at 35.00 each!
Isbar Hatching Eggs
  Gorgeous Blue/Green eggs from 100% Greenfire Farms Stock!
Potluck Purebred Hatching Eggs
I always have eggs left over on my shipping days! This will be a minimum of 3 breeds of all the breeds I raise and always include Ayam Cemani. ALL my birds are penned seperate, so you will only get Purebred Chicks!
I will guarantee at least 3 breeds that will include and are marked: FBC Marans (unmarked dark egg), Colored Marans (unmarked dark egg), Blue Marans M, Crested Cream Legbar unmarked blue or greenish blue egg, Cuckoo Bluebars B, Icelandics IC, Ayam Cemani, 3 pens(IM, straight slash, AC), Serama S, or Barbezeiux Bz, Isbars IS, Niederrheiners N, Golden Spitzhauben GS, Silver Laced Orps SL Gold Laced Orps GLO, and many more!. I "MIGHT" entertain a wish list but it is mainly what is available!
LF Silver Laced Orpington Hatching Eggs
LF Silver Laced Orpingtons! Ewe Crazy, Carolina Rare and Fancy, Greenfire Lines behind our flock! Often referred to as Fluffy Basketballs! They are mild tempered, beautiful crisp lacing, and a fair layer of medium to large light brown eggs! One of our farm favorites! (Frostbite on Combs!) They are winter hardy! These guys and several others I wish I had photographed before two arctic winter blasts! 2 week old started Chicks 35.00
LF GOLD Laced Orpington Hatching Eggs
Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben eggs Soon!  Eggs available summer 2018
Golden Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben Hatching Eggs
Pretty and very curious natured birds! Like to free range and are great layers of medium white eggs.
  Coming Soon: Deathlayers, Silver Double Laved Barnevelders!  

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